Daniel Dušek

I work for Kentico software as a Security Engineer and study at Brno, University of Technology. I fancy reverse engineering things and teaching kids about Information Security.

Hello friend!

Welcome to my personal blog! To a place where I voice my opinions and thoughts on technology related topics, to a place where I share tutorials I make. As it is a custom these days, all opinions, thoughts and words shared here are exclusively my own views on the matter and are in no way to be associated with my employer or my university.

Ongoing projects

User-agents repo - repository with browser user agent strings, prepared in ready-to-copy-paste abstract data structures in various programming languages.

100DaysOfXSS - My personal challenge where I am trying to find an XSS every day and report it. After 100 days, write ups will start. Yet to be started.

Android Reverse Engineering Basics - Tutorial series on how to start in Android Reverse Engineering when you have no previous experiences. All files are offline for now.


You can follow me on Twitter under @DusekDan handle. I tweet about coding and information security.

I also generate hundreds of lines of code per day - I do it in both my professional and personal life. Lines that are worth sharing are always published on my GitHub profile.

While I studied at Brno University of Technology, I worked on loads of University projects. These are published on GitHub as well - but be warned: if you copy-paste it, you will end up facing disciplinary board.