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  • Sli.do and the rigged company vote

    Using the popular Sli.do application, employees are asked to submit and vote on questions that should be discussed on an upcoming meeting. One of the employees decides to rig the vote in favor of their questions. In this post, I will try to reconstruct a way how the employee could have done it.

  • Use external editor to write your user scripts for Tampermonkey!

    This tutorial will help you set up comfortable environment for developing Tampermonkey user scripts directly in your editor.

  • Enabling security headers for your website with PHP & Laravel

    When I was working on this blog, I wanted to get on the whole security headers train that is currently passing through the Internet. In this blog post, I will teach you about the headers, the ways to modify them with PHP and I will also tell you how to implement them in your Laravel application properly.